2022 Rhodes Global Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarship supports exceptional young students to pursue postgraduate studies at Oxford University. The University of Oxford, and encourages the pursuit of lifelong learning and friendship. It is the longest-running (first granted in 1902) and possibly the most prestigious international scholarship program that allows outstanding students from all over the world to pursue their studies at Oxford University. The University of Oxford.

Up until recently, the Rhodes Scholarships had been awarded to 20 different constituencies (representing more than 60 countries). The Rhodes Scholarships now are completely global. Two new Global Scholarships are now available to qualified candidates from the rest of the globe to submit applications (subject to the nomination).

The scholarship is more than an opportunity to earn money, it offers a life-changing chance for extraordinary young people with the capacity to be a force for positive change around the world. Rhodes Scholars are those who are able to see how the world can be better and have the determination to do something about it regardless of their area of expertise.

The program is administered through the Rhodes Trust in Oxford, the program offers 100 fully-funded scholarships each year for postgraduate studies at Oxford University. The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom – is one of the top universities in the world. Rhodes Scholarships are designed for young leaders with exceptional intellect and character, who are eager to tackle global issues, are committed to helping others, and have the potential to become value-driven, responsible leaders of the future.

Host institution: Oxford University in the UK

Degrees/Fields of Study: Any full-time postgraduate degree (including the BA with senior status for more than the period of two months) from Oxford University. The University of Oxford,

The number of scholarships: 2

Group of target: Students who are not currently Rhodes constituents

Scholarship Value: The Rhodes Scholarship covers: All University and College charges The University application fee as well as an annual living allowance (PS15,144 per year for 2018-19) One economy class ticket to Oxford at the beginning of the scholarship and an economy flight to return to the country of origin at the end of the award.

The duration of the scholarship is two years and is dependent on a high standard of academic and personal behavior. After a formal application is completed, the Scholarship can be extended to the third year to applicants who have taken a recognized pathway to obtain the DPhil (Ph.D.).


Nationality/citizenship: Eligibility to any other Rhodes Scholarship renders you ineligible to apply for a Global Scholarship, i.e. If you’re eligible to apply through any existing Rhodes Constituency that you can apply for that particular Constituency. Check out the details on the web regarding inter-jurisdictional considerations. it could be in your best interest to consider that option instead of applying for a Global Scholarship, which will probably be among the highest-scoring scholarship that is offered through the Rhodes Trust.

Age: The minimum age is your 19th birthday and not reached the age of 25 by 1 October 2022. which means that you are born on or after 30 September 1995, and on or before 1 October 2001.

Academic: achievements It is required that you have completed (or will be completed in June 2022) an undergraduate degree that is First Class or a minimum GPA of at least 3.70 from 4.0 (or comparable). Note carefully the requirements for the course you are interested in at Oxford and they could be higher. Candidates who are successful typically rank in the top tier of their graduating class.

Language: the English language is required to have an acceptable level of English in order to meet requirements for English language proficiency standards (at the higher level as listed) from the University of Oxford.

How to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship

It is not possible for you are eligible to submit your applications for Global Scholarship without a prior nomination from your institution. Each university has only a certain number of nominations that they are able to make every year. You must nominate the person who is most suitable to nominate you on your application. After their nomination is accepted you will be able to complete your form. You can apply online beginning 1 June 2022 on the Application page under the Scholarship tab.

Please refer to this information for global Candidates for more detailed information about how to apply for this scholarship.

Application Deadline

You must submit your application online, with all supporting documents, by 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 31 July 2022.

Official Scholarship Website: https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/scholarships/apply/global

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