Ghent University Ph.D. Research Position (Faculty of Law and Criminology)

The Ghent University through the faculty of Law and Criminology is welcoming applications from qualified candidates for a Ph.D. research Position. The student who is pursuing a Ph.D. will investigate the rights of people in relation to secondary uses of health data for research purposes, in the context of regulations in force.

The Ph.D. researcher will be situated in the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University and will be in the faculty’s interfaculty Metamedica Platform. For more information about the Metamedica platform see:

  • Job Type: Ph.D. Research Position
  • Host Institution(s): Ghent University, Belgium
  • Benefits: 100% Occupancy rate
  • Slots: Several
  • Study Level: PhD
  • Nationality: International Student

Details on the PhD Research Position

The doctoral student will study the rights of people in the context of secondary use of health information to conduct research in the light of the relevant regulations.
Particularly the Ph.D. researcher needs to examine and identify the relevant provisions of relevant regulatory frameworks within the EU which include the GDPR and the upcoming Data Governance Act and the European Health Data Space, which will strengthen the rights of individuals whose personal data are being used to conduct research.

This legal analysis must be based on a theoretical framework that outlines the concepts of fairness, transparency, and lawfulness when processing health information.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for Ghent University Faculty of Law and Criminology Ph.D. research position the applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Have a master’s qualification in Law or in a related discipline.
  • You’re passionate about research and have excellent analytical abilities.
  • You’re keen to familiarize yourself with multidisciplinary methods in research on health privacy and read up on bioethics literature as well as health and privacy law, data protection, and health informatics.
  • You have a dazzling history (study outcomes, publication, or distinctions)
  • You can work on your own and be proactive however, you’re also an active participant in a team.
  • You possess excellent organizational skills and are capable of meeting deadlines.
  • You are proficient in writing and oral communication abilities in English.
  • Any existing educational, research or professional experience in EU laws on data protection or health law would be an advantage for this job.

Application Procedures

How-to-Apply: To apply for the Ghent University Faculty of Law and Criminology Ph.D. research Job, applicants are required to submit the following documents by email to Prof. Mahsa Shabani ( mahsa.90******402@5*** Motivation letter CV
A writing example (publication or research essay) master thesis, …)
Copy of diploma

Attention: All necessary documents should be combined in one single pdf-file.

Deadline for Applications: May 31, 2022

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